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Installation of new water heaters
Water Heaters
Taps reseating and its installation
Pipe replacements and leakages


Out team of plumbers conduct inspections on various home and office drains to find out the root cause of the problem.
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Cleaning of the Drains

We also provide reliable services by supplying plumbing materials for all types of repairs.
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Repairing Sewer Lines

The major plumbing issues are crushed pipes and intrusion and this may cause you to perform the mainline replacement. Bidet-o-let plumbers are specialists …
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Plumbing Checkup

We also do checkups on your water systems which is a thorough inspection of all the plumbing appliances. We check all the drainage systems …
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Awesome Works

Bidet-o-let Plumbers

What do we do?

Our philosophy

Bidet-o-let plumbers work hard to ensure that all our customers services are delivered right on time, we appreciate the efforts our customers who to contact us. Our services are unmatched in the plumbing industry.

We understand that whenever you have an emergency, you need a friendly team who will deal with the situation as soon as possible. Our plumbing team is friendly and we promise you a warm welcome whilst you explain your situation. We make your problems our priority.

Why choose us?

We act and live by our codes and values…

  • Respecting our customer’s comments and understanding their needs.
  • We also offer the on time services to avoid any inconvenience to your daily schedules.
  • We also offer a professional environment for all our clients.
  • We acknowledge that everyone has his or her own perspective when it comes to remodeling and repairs.
  • We will make agreements with our clients and follow it to the letter.
  • We appreciate the opportunity our customers grant us by trusting us with their problems.
  • Our plumbers are honest and offer operations in a responsible manner.
  • We strive to ensure our customers loyalty is maximized in all situations.
  • We provide quality plumbing to many cities and neighborhoods in South Africa, ensuring to reach every client who needs our help.

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